Welcome, I'd like to invite you to join me on a journey of creative SELF EXPRESSION where following the nudges of the heart become the norm. You will be encouraged to show up, stand up and become more in tune with your true authentic nature. LOVE is your compass that guides you through the choppy waters to help you reach your fullest potential.

I offer a soul expansion and mentorship programme infused with coaching & light activations to help you increase your self love, self acceptance, self worth, self belief and spring board you into action to become the greatest version of YOU. 

This work is for you if you are female or male and have been on your journey of personal/spiritual growth for some time. You have done a lot of work on yourself yet your life still isn't quite where you would like it to be. 

You are a smart cookie, a free spirit, an inspirational person who has had your fair share of challenges. You are letting go of many 'things' not least ways of being; pushing, shoving, compeating, proving in order to live your life in alignment with who you truly are. 

You are commited to digging deep, clearing out the cobwebs in your heart and shifting blocks past life to present time. SOUL EXPANSION is your game.

You are ready to OWN your power and your worth. Have lots of fun in the process and MANIFEST all manner of good things in your life doing what comes naturally to you. 

Sessions are available via Skype and Zoom. I also have a limited number of longer in person sessions.



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